Managing Electronic Commerce

Starting in academic year 2021-2022, the e-commerce concentration will no longer be offered. Students currently on track for this concentration should reach out to the OID concentration advisor to discuss ways to finish this concentration.

Second Concentration Only

Concentration advisor: Maria Rieders (517 JMHH, 215.898.0535)

The secondary concentration in electronic commerce is intended to complement other, primary concentrations by providing students with an additional capability to understand, analyze and participate in electronic commerce and electronic business activities in new and established firms. To pursue the concentration in electronic commerce, students must have also declared a primary concentration.


  • OIDD 311: Business Computer Languages (or suitable higher-level technology course with approval from the concentration advisor)
  • OIDD 469: Advanced Topics in Information Strategy

Plus one of:

  • MGMT 223: Business Strategy
  • MGMT 264: Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Management

Plus one CU of electives chosen from the following:

  • FNCE 250: Venture Capital and Private Equities
  • LGST 222: Law of E-Commerce
  • MGMT 223: Business Strategy
  • MGMT 237: Management of Technology
  • MGMT 264: Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Management
  • MKTG 227: Marketing Electronic Commerce (0.5 CU)
  • OIDD 314: Enabling Technologies
  • OIDD 316: Systems Analysis and Design