Cross-Cultural Perspectives

3 required CUs

Given today’s global business environment, a cross-cultural perspective is an essential part of a student’s undergraduate education. To that end, Wharton students are required to take three courses that have substantial cross-cultural content.

The following policies apply to Cross-Cultural Perspectives courses:

  • Courses may not be taken pass/fail.
  • Two of these courses may double-count with General Education courses.
  • Up to one course may be on U.S. cultural diversity.
  • International students are not permitted to fulfill this requirement with courses about the United States with the exception of courses on U.S. cultural diversity.

Courses that may be used to fulfill the requirement include:

  • Courses that discuss international issues, including courses focusing on particular regions of the world
  • Courses about non-American cultures, including courses in art, history, literature, music, and religious studies
  • Courses on U.S. cultural diversity (note policy above)
  • Intermediate and advanced-level language courses
  • Certain First-Year Seminars (depending on the course content)

Courses that may not be used to fulfill the requirement include:

  • Methodology courses, such as demography and ethnography
  • Courses taken abroad that do not fit into the categories in the section above

If you have questions about Cross-Cultural Perspectives courses, please consult with an academic advisor in the Undergraduate Division.