Center For Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships seeks to provide information, advice, resources, and encouragement for all undergraduates at Penn seeking more than just a superior classroom education. Penn fosters students’ individual research initiatives and encourages all undergraduates to seek prestigious fellowships to continue their scholarship at the graduate level. CURF includes within it the Benjamin Franklin Scholars program, for academically creative students working at a high level of excellence; the University Scholars program, for students pursuing a high level of independent research and course work; and the Benjamin Franklin Seminars, which provides innovative and scholarly courses to the entire undergraduate community ( Students not in the BFS program can enroll in most Benjamin Franklin Seminars with the permission of the instructor.

Research and Fellowships

As a major research institution, the University of Pennsylvania believes that a research experience can make a significant contribution to an undergraduate student’s education. That is why the University, through the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF), encourages undergraduate research, providing many students with either credit or funding, for their work. Students should refer to the web for updated information on opportunities ranging from Nassau Research grants to the Rose Award.

Regarding fellowships, students should visit the following web for information such as eligibility requirements and deadlines. Prestigious fellowships are offered to Penn students annually, and undergraduates are eligible for nomination as early as sophomore year.