Technology: Set up your accounts and get Whartonized!

Learn how to set up your accounts, create your Wharton directory profile, and more.

1. Create your PennKey.

Your PennKey is the username you choose to access many systems and services at Penn and Wharton. If you haven’t already chosen your PennKey and password, locate the PennKey setup code you received by email from Penn and visit the PennKey website. You must complete the PennKey setup process before you can register for a Wharton account.

2. Create your Wharton account.

Use your PennKey to create your Wharton account, which will give you  access to your Wharton email.  You will need to wait at least 24 hours after you create your PennKey to create your Wharton account.

3. Check your Wharton email.

This account, hosted by Google, includes Email, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Hangouts, and Sites. You can forward your email to another address by logging in to My Account on SPIKE. From there, click the “My Email” tab and choose “Forward or Unforward My Email.” Learn more about your account >>

4. Review the Wharton computing system accounts and policies.

Use of the technology systems provided by the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania is a privilege granted to students with the understanding that they will use these tools responsibly. Irresponsible use can cause privileges to be revoked.  Review the policies >>

5. Take a look at the computer and mobile device buying guide.

6. Get Whartonized: set up your Wharton technical environment.

Whartonization, n, v [war-ton-ahz-ey-shuhn] : 1.) Wharton Computing’s campaign to get you up to speed on Wharton’s technology. 2.) the process of configuring your devices and laptops for Wharton’s technical environment.

Get “Whartonized” >>

7. Get help when you need it.

Feel free to stop by Wharton Student Computing located in SH-DH 114 (Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm in the summer; Monday-Thursday: 9am-7pm and Friday: 9am-6pm during the academic year) or contact us via email at, Twitter (@whartonsupport), Facebook, phone (+1.215.898.8600), or by submitting a support request online.