Student Perspectives

melanie-sThe First Day of Classes: What to Do and What to Bring

So it is your first day at Wharton, you’ve scoped out where your classes are, you know all your professors names by heart, and are a ball of excitement and nerves thinking: “I am a Wharton student, wow!” “these classes are going to be so hard,” “I hope no one thinks I’m stupid.” Read more >>

marissa-racksonCourses: Get Organized!

Penn is HUGE. There are a plethora of opportunities to learn, meet people, and put your knowledge and skills to work. This may seem daunting. However, combining a little bit of planning with some organization can help you understand what your expected future workflow might look like. Read more >>

max-isenbergConcentrations: What are they?

Business encompasses a broad range of diverse yet interrelated disciplines. At Wharton, one way to get some deeper insights and exposure into one (or multiple) segments of business is through concentrating in a particular subject area. Read more >>

ChristopherExperiences as a First-Generation Wharton Student

At 9:15 each morning, my alarm clock goes off and I eagerly jump out of bed to get ready to begin the day. I choose the perfect outfit that combines professionalism and casualness and quickly stuff a bagel into my mouth as I make the journey to Huntsman Hall. Read more >>

Jenny QPenn InTouch 102: You submitted your requests, now what?

Once you enter all the info during the registration period, Penn InTouch will spit back out a schedule a couple of weeks later. The classes in this schedule are the ones for which you are actually registered, regardless of what you put into the system. Sometimes you get all of the classes you signed up for, sometimes you only get one or two. Read more >>

Emiy ZhenMaking an Impact

As a freshman coming into Wharton, I knew that there would be an endless number of opportunities at Penn to get involved and find my niche. During New Student Orientation my first semester, I attended “clubbing night” – a night dedicated to showcasing 40+ Wharton clubs ranging from investing to consulting, finance to fashion, sports business to marketing. Read more >>

LauraMaking the Most of the Summer

A little more than a month stands between you and the start of your Penn adventure. Many of you can’t wait to breathe the invigorating air of the big city. For others, it may be unnerving leaving the safe comforts of the known. Read more >>

JillianWhat I Would Tell My Freshman Self

Having just completed my final semester as a freshman, I find myself looking back on the past whirlwind of a year. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, nor a better introduction to the next few years of my college life. Would I go back and change anything? Not at all. However, if I were to give my fresh-out-of-high-school self one piece of advice… Read more >>

SophiaThe Wharton Atmosphere: Community, Exploration, and Advice

…here are a few reasons why I love Wharton and Penn.  For anyone reflecting on their Wharton experiences, I will be using specific “feed forward” examples in true Management 100 style. Read more >>

Broadening Your Learning Through Electives

Elective classes are a great opportunity for you to broaden your learning by allowing you to balance your business classes with liberal arts classes. You can explore a passion or interest of yours or opt to learn about a brand new topic. Read more >>

ArjunAcademic Advising at Wharton

Wharton Academic Advising is one of the greatest resources offered to undergraduate students. The goal of the Wharton Undergraduate Division academic advising team is to help students make informed decisions about their educational plans and professional/ life goals that are consistent with their interests, abilities, and values, and I have experienced firsthand that this is exactly what the academic advising team does. Read more >>

Sneha CThe Cohort System: A Freshman’s Take

On the very first Tuesday of New Student Orientation, also fondly known as “NSO,” I walk into classroom F65 with a mix of emotions—extremely anxious, nervous and excited to meet my fellow “yennies.” Ever since then, my cohort has been my prime source of support, friends and fun. Read more >>

Jenny QPenn InTouch 101

You are being bombarded with a million links to websites right now, but be sure to bookmark Penn InTouch. This is a portal every Penn student uses regularly, and you will need it to browse, select, and register for classes (Penn InTouch also gives you access to your academic planning worksheet, your transcript, and information on financial aid and student loans). Read more >>

e-zilberbrandFreshman Classes at Wharton

Outside of the clubs you join and people you meet, classes are the biggest things that define the Penn experience. However, choosing what classes to actually take is hard, and even harder when you’re going to be taking classes as a first-semester freshman. Here is a rundown of a few of the classes you might end up taking your first semester at Wharton. Read more >>

NehaWelcome to Wharton!

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance to Penn! The Student Perspectives blog aims to provide genuine insights from upperclassmen at Wharton that have been through the highs and lows that come with being a student at Penn. First and foremost, this 4-year journey has been the most incredible experience of my life, and, if I could do it all over again, I would. Read more >>