Ashish Shah, W’92

Ashish Shah

How did research set me up for success? My undergrad experience prepared me for success in a crisis that few expected and fewer were prepared for.

When at Wharton, I was fortunate enough to conduct research in two completely different areas of finance.  I worked with Professor Jeremy Siegel on the early research he did to write his book, Stocks for the Long Run.  This experience gave me a historical sense of financial markets that few of my colleagues on Wall Street had in the 90s, helping me spot bubbles and understand their aftermaths.  I also worked with Professor Richard Herring on understanding banking reform in the aftermath of the early 90s banking crisis.  This work not only led me to my job as a proprietary trader at Bankers Trust, but it also helped me understand and respond to the Global Financial Crisis when I was at Lehman Brothers in 2008.