Undergraduate Research FAQ

How can I go about finding a faculty mentor for my research project?

To find a mentor you can reach out to the following resources:

  1. Peers who have done research, e.g., peer advisors.
  2. Dr. Utsav Schurmans, Director of Research and Scholars Programs, or your academic advisor.
  3. Finally, if you know a general area of research and would like help connecting to the appropriate faculty in a specific department, you can reach out to members of the Wharton Council for Undergraduate Research.

Of course if you know a specific faculty member who makes sense, feel free to reach out to them directly.

Where can I find examples of previous Wharton undergraduate research projects?

Please see examples of previous research papers at ScholarlyCommons@Penn.

How do I join the undergraduate research listserv?

  1. Go to apps.wharton.upenn.edu/mailinglist/
  2. Choose the Find a Wharton List link on the left side of the page.
  3. Search for the “undergraduate-research” mailing list.
  4. Click the Subscribe link.

For frequently asked questions about the Wharton Summer Program for Undergraduate Research or the Social Impact Research Experience, visit the SPUR FAQ or SIRE FAQ pages.