Cohort Overview


The mission of the cohort system is to create small, cohesive communities for a diverse Wharton undergraduate population.

The Cohort Experience

Before arrival in the fall, every student entering their first year at Wharton is placed in one of nine cohorts comprised of approximately 60 students each. Students will also take Wharton 1010: Business and You in the fall with their cohort.

Each cohort is supported by upperclassmen cohort leaders who provide mentorship and plan programs for their cohort. Cohort leaders are a great resource for first-year students. They can answer many questions and concerns first-years have as well as connect students to the right resource. The cohort program is overseen by associate director, Lisa Podolsky.

In addition, a variety of events are planned for each cohort with a focus on programming for first-year students. Through these activities, students meet cohort members from their class year and other class years. This allows students to expand their personal and professional networks.