Incompatible Courses

Certain courses within the Wharton curriculum feature content that is significantly similar or overlapping.  Such courses are considered “incompatible,” and only one such course can be taken.  Course syllabi and concentration course listings will typically indicate incompatible courses. The following courses in the Wharton requirements are incompatible:

  • BEPP 250 and ECON 101
  • ECON 010 and ECON 001 or ECON 002
  • FNCE 101 and ECON 102
  • MATH 104 and MATH 110
  • MATH 114 or MATH 116 and MATH 115
  • STAT 101 and STAT 111
  • STAT 102 and STAT 112 or STAT 431

If you complete two courses that are incompatible, only the first course that was taken will count toward degree requirements.  The subsequent incompatible course will be dropped from the transcript and neither the grade nor the credit from the second courses will be counted.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are not enrolling in incompatible courses.