Exceptions to the Wharton undergraduate academic policies can only be granted by approval of the Undergraduate Petitions Committee. Students who wish to petition the Committee should submit a petition to the Undergraduate Division using the form on this page.

Dual-degree students should address their petitions for degree requirement exceptions to the school(s) whose degree requirements are affected. Dual-degree students who are seeking other exceptions (such as a course load increase, deadline exception, or late change of grade type) should submit their petition to their home school. In some cases, a petition to both schools will be required.

To file a new petition click “File a New Petition.”

To edit/view an existing petition, select the “Edit” icon on the right.

Please note the following

  • Petitions involving medical considerations require medical documentation.
  • Requests for course load increases will not be considered until a week after student course schedules for the relevant semester have been released.
  • Petitions for Course Load Increases require a course plan for your remaining semesters at Penn.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your petition has been submitted.

If prompted to login, login with your Wharton username/password (same credentials used for your e-mail). See below:

For all inquiries, please contact your advisor or the petitions team at