Credit for Pre-College Courses

For Students Entering Penn in Fall 2017 or later

College-level coursework undertaken while enrolled at the secondary level or in the summer prior to matriculation at the University is considered a part of a student’s preparation for a Penn education. Such coursework is used by the student’s academic advisor to guide placement into appropriate courses and Penn credit is not granted for this coursework. The only exception applies to students who enroll in Penn courses during the summer prior to their matriculation into an undergraduate degree program at the University. Such coursework will be recorded along with credit earned on their undergraduate transcript, which would otherwise start with the fall semester.

For Students Who Entered Penn Prior to Fall 2017

Wharton allows up to 4 CUs to be transferred in from these “pre-college” courses as long as they are in non-business subjects and meet the criteria below.

Pre-college courses will be evaluated for Penn credit if the student received a grade of C or better and the course was:

  • Taught at a fully accredited four-year college or university
  • Taught on that college’s campus by a member of the regular faculty
  • Open to enrollment by, and graded in direct competition with, regularly matriculated undergraduates at the college
  • Part of the normal curriculum published in the college’s catalog
  • Taken for a grade (not pass/fail or audit)
  • Not used to fulfill any high school graduation requirement

Students seeking credit for pre-college courses must:

  • Have the college or university where the course was taken send an official transcript along with a letter verifying that the above criteria were met to the Transfer Credit Coordinator in Penn’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions (215.898.7507 or
  • Log in to the External Course Approval Tool (XCAT) and follow the instructions to receive approval from the appropriate academic department at the University of Pennsylvania. Students should make sure to check “pre-college course” when submitting their request.

When the coursework is approved, students will see the message “Dept approved, in college queue” in the status of the course request.

Please note:

  • Acceptance of pre-college credit is at the discretion of the individual Penn department or program. Instead of awarding pre-college credit, some departments may provide an assessment exam that may result in Penn credit.
  • Grades received in pre-college coursework will not be factored into the student’s Penn GPA.