Senior Capstone

0.5 required CU

A range of integrative/capstone course options that involve work on group projects and draw on prior coursework can fulfill the senior capstone requirement. Courses that will satisfy the requirement will require students to:

  • Apply knowledge to practice for actual or simulated clients, with a focus on the synthesis of knowledge acquired during four years.
  • Practice analytical thinking skills (analyzing and framing business problems and problem-solving techniques), including consideration of ethical issues.
  • Practice written and oral communication skills.
  • Practice working in an assigned team environment by leveraging the experience developed in earlier modules of the leadership Journey.
  • Produce a group report and a presentation on their project.
  • Produce individual reports reflecting on the problem-solving experience as well as the team dynamics.

Capstone courses must be taken for a grade, not pass/fail.

Approved courses ¹

Questions about a particular course should be directed to the academic department offering the course. Any other questions should be directed to your academic advisor or

Note that students must have completed WH 1010, WH 2010 and MGMT 3010 to be eligible to enroll in a capstone course. Additional prerequisites are listed below.³



Dual-Degree Students

  • Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management: LSMP 4210: LSM Capstone Course (1.0 CU)
  • Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business: MGMT 4090: Huntsman Capstone Study (0.5 CU)
  • Nursing and Health Care Management: NURS 4000: Advances in Health Systems Research and Analysis (1.0 CU)
  • Wharton-Engineering dual-degree students (including M&T) will satisfy the capstone requirement via their BAS or BSE degree design project or thesis requirements.
  • Wharton-College dual-degree students must complete one of the Wharton capstone courses above.

¹ Additional courses will be added as they are approved by the Curriculum Innovation and Review Committee. Also note that WH 401: Integrative Business Simulation (not offered after fall 2021) fulfilled the requirement.
² Students may count 0.5 CU toward the Capstone requirement and the other 0.5 CU toward other purposes (e.g., concentration or Business Breadth)
³ For all senior capstone courses offered in fall 2027 and beyond, students must complete all business fundamentals as a prerequisite. This is in addition to the Leadership Journey courses and any other required prerequisite courses.