Sponsored Student Organizations

The student organizations listed below work closely with administrators in the Undergraduate Division and other Wharton departments to develop programming and initiatives to support students and enhance the Wharton experience.

Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative (PPI) Student Association
The Student Association aims to engage undergraduate and graduate students in U.S. public policy. It provides a forum for students to contribute to the mission of the Penn Wharton PPI by generating resources that can benefit policymakers, business leaders, policy scholars, and academics. The Student Association will also engage with other students on campus, providing a place to discuss policy issues, listen to experts from both government and business, and explore policy-related internships.

Social Impact Advisory Board (SIAB)
The SIAB works closely with Wharton Social Impact Initiative leadership and collaborators to develop and implement activities that strengthen and expand Wharton’s social impact initiatives, serving to further the vision of Wharton as a “force for social good.” SIAB’s goal is to drive integration and coordination of activities and opportunities, identify synergies, and support new and existing partnerships and initiatives.

Wharton Alumni Relations Council (WARC)
Working with Alumni Affairs, WARC promotes interaction between undergraduate students and alumni. WARC helps Alumni Affairs and the Wharton Undergraduate Division with the Senior Reception and the Wharton Alumni Colloquia, a series of seminars led by distinguished Wharton alumni.

Wharton Ambassadors
Working closely with Undergraduate Division administrators, the Wharton Ambassadors conduct information sessions for prospective students and families, contribute to admitted-student event management, and participate in high school outreach. As the “face of the Wharton Undergraduate Program,” the Wharton Ambassadors uphold and represent the Wharton brand and provide input on marketing and communications. Wharton Ambassadors website >>

Wharton Council
The Wharton Council is dedicated to improving student life by fostering a more complete co-curricular experience for the Wharton undergraduate community. The Council organizes community-building social traditions and initiatives, such as Clubbing Night, the Wharton Undergraduate Leadership Forum (WULF), Hostile Takeover, and the Senior Reception. The Wharton Council works with the Undergraduate Division to oversee budgetary matters for clubs, manage club recognition and registration processes, and provide support and guidance to the clubs. Wharton Council website >>

Wharton Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board (WAB)
The Wharton Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board works collaboratively with administrators in the Undergraduate Division and the Dean’s Office to improve the undergraduate experience and academic environment. WAB website >>

Wharton GUIDE
GUIDE (Guiding Undergraduates In their Development and Education) is dedicated to connecting the Wharton undergraduate and MBA communities by fostering meaningful relationships through mentorship. GUIDE pairs undergraduate juniors with MBA mentors based on career or industry preference. Through one-on-one mentorship, participants cultivate lasting relationships and gain invaluable advice on navigating life’s many decisions. GUIDE website >>

WLV Advisory Board
Wharton Leadership Ventures (WLV) provide a set of engaged, hands-on experiences for exploring and mastering the capabilities for effective individual and team leadership. The WLV Student Advisory Board meets weekly throughout the year to coordinate all WLV events and expeditions. Applications for board membership are accepted each spring semester.

Wharton Student Sustainability Advisory Board (SSAB)
SSAB is sponsored by and works directly with the administration and the Wharton Operations and Sustainability Program to improve Wharton’s environmental footprint, raise awareness of related issues within the Wharton community, develop sustainability leadership at Wharton and help connect students to external opportunities to become leaders in this field. SSAB is composed of both MBAs and Undergraduates.

Wharton Undergraduate Research Board (WURB)
The Wharton Undergraduate Research Board is dedicated to improving the research environment for the Wharton undergraduate community and promoting a culture of intellectual curiosity at Wharton. The board works with School administrators to increase student involvement in research, foster a network of student researchers in Wharton, and develop innovative co-curricular opportunities to increase students’ exposure to academic research. WURB website >>

Wharton Wellness
Wharton Wellness works collaboratively with administrators in the Undergraduate Division to improve mental and physical wellness at Wharton. Learn more >>

In addition to the organizations above, there are nearly 40 Wharton undergraduate-specific clubs to get involved with during your four years.