University Minors

University Minors offer an interdisciplinary academic experience, combining six to nine courses from more than one college or school at the University of Pennsylvania.

The table below lists University Minors sponsored by Wharton in conjunction with another school at Penn. The participating academic departments jointly govern these interschool minors. Also note that, depending on the academic department, Wharton students may not be able to pursue a University minor in the same subject as their concentration.

Offered by
Actuarial Mathematics (8 CUs)¹ Mathematics
American Public Policy (6 CUs) Business Economics and Public Policy
Political Science
Biological Basis of Behavior & Health Services Management (8 CUs) Biological Basis of Behavior
Health Care Management
Consumer Psychology (9 CUs) Marketing
Legal Studies & History (8 CUs) History
Legal Studies & Business Ethics
Nursing & Health Services Management (7 CUs) Health Care Management
Sustainability and Environmental Management (6 CUs) Wharton (BEPP, HCMG, LGST, OIDD, MKTG)
Arts & Sciences (BIOL, GEOL, ENVS)
Engineering (CBE, EAS, ESE)
Urban Real Estate & Development (7 CUs) Real Estate
Urban Studies

Additional University Minors, sponsored jointly by two or more of the other undergraduate schools at Penn, include:

Procedures for Declaring a University Minor

To declare a University Minor that is jointly sponsored by Wharton:

  1. Review the minor requirement information on the websites listed above.
  2. Consult with the designated minor advisor as well as with your advisor in the Wharton Undergraduate Division to discuss how the minor requirements can fit into the Wharton curriculum.
  3. Complete and submit the Declare/Update Field of Study Request form (add minor)

To declare a University Minor that is jointly sponsored by schools outside of Wharton, please see the respective academic departments for their policies and procedures.

Any course substitutions must be approved by the minor advisor in the academic department that offers the course.

¹ The Actuarial Math Minor has been phased out and may no longer be declared.