Use of the Wharton Name/Marks by Student Organizations


Student organizations and events should be named such as to cause no confusion with an official entity or activity of the School. Official, Wharton Council-recognized student clubs are granted the use of the Wharton name for their club name only.

Logo Guidelines

The Wharton logo, or parts thereof, cannot be used or combined with student organization logos.

Student organization logos may use:

  • The School Name: e.g., “Wharton Hiking Club” or “Hiking Club at Wharton”
  • The University primary colors:
    Penn Red (PMS: 201, RGB: 153/0/0, Hex: #990000, CMYK: 0/100/65/34) & Penn Blue (PMS 288, RGB: 1/31/91, Hex: #011F5B, CMYK: 100/65/0/30 )

Student organization logos may NOT use:

  • The University Shield, wordmarks, and typography
  • Any elements (dolphin, books, chevron) of the Penn Shield
  • The University Shield with banner
  • The University Shield with flourish
  • The Athletic Split P or all-caps Athletic PENN
  • The University Seal
  • UPENN or UPenn or UofPenn


Correct usage and incorrect usage.