Retaking Courses

Students may not retake for credit any course (with the same or a different instructor) in which a passing grade (D or better) was received. Students who enroll in and repeat a course will be withdrawn from the second iteration of the course, and a W will appear on the student transcript.

Students who fail a course or withdraw from a course must retake that same course if it is a required course. Both grades will appear on the transcript and factor into the student’s GPA.

Students who fail or withdraw from Writing Seminars, Business Breadths, concentration courses, or Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements also may elect to take a different course to fulfill the requirement under certain circumstances. Example: A student who fails or withdraws from MKTG 2110 must retake MKTG 2110 if it is being used in the concentration (because MKTG 211 is a concentration requirement); however, a student who is using MKTG 2110 as a business breadth may elect to take a different course to fulfill the business breadth, keeping in mind other business breadth rules that affect a student’s choice of courses.