Course Registration for External Transfer Students

Course Selection Period

Once you have your PennKey and access to Penn InTouch, you may add or drop courses in real time.  You will know immediately if seats in the course(s) are available and if you have been enrolled. Course requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis during the Course Selection Period.

The Penn InTouch online registration system will close at the end of the day on July 17 but will reopen on July 28. At that time, you may continue selecting courses until the Course Selection Period ends in mid September (date TBD). If you are unable to get into a course by the time of New Student Orientation, please contact Jenna Tesauro. It will help if you remain flexible about your options.

Course Selection

You can search for courses using the Course Search and Mock Schedule tools on Penn InTouch. The Course Search tool will provide you with the ability to search for courses, view details on individual courses, and save a list of the courses you find most interesting. You can then use the Mock Schedule tool to assist with planning your course schedule.

Wharton students are limited to a maximum of 5.5 course units (CUs) for the first semester. A typical course load for your first semester is 4.5-5 CUs. You should speak with your advisor about what your optimal course load should be given your academic and co-curricular goals.  Do not register for any courses on an audit or pass/fail basis. All courses must be taken for a normal (letter) grade in the first semester after enrollment at Penn. Undergraduate students are not permitted to register for courses on an audit basis.

See the requirements section for information about the courses you should be requesting during the course selection period for the fall semester.

Registration Tips

Some courses have two required parts with different section numbers—a lecture and recitation section. You must request both sections in order to have a valid registration request. Penn InTouch shows which of the two sections is credit bearing (e.g., has “1 cu” next to the course title). When registering, request the credit-bearing section before the non-credit-bearing section.

You can request courses with back-to-back times. Course times appear directly adjacent to one another. However, courses end approximately ten minutes prior to the listed times. Time conflicts (two courses with overlapping scheduled times) are not permitted; the registration system will block your enrollment in one of the courses if you request courses with time conflicts.