Global Modular Courses

Global Modular Courses (GMCs) are offered in an intensive workshop format over three to seven days during school breaks.  Open to MBA, Executive MBA and undergraduate juniors and seniors,* these modular courses are intended to provide unique educational experiences to students in a regional context that has particular resonance with the topic. The diversity of the student body coming from Wharton, each course’s ties to a local partner university, and the opportunity to engage with prominent regional leaders make GMCs extremely dynamic and exciting learning experiences for everyone involved. Each year, a variety of courses are offered in different countries around the world.

Spring Break Courses 2019

Please note the following:

  • Winter and spring break GMCs count toward the spring semester, and, as a reminder, you must request a course load increase if you want to take more than 5.5 CUs.
  • In the links below, we have provided the most recent syllabus currently available, which in most cases is the last time the course was offered.
  • GMC courses will have either a $250 course fee or a required travel package. Classes with a travel package are noted below. Additional information on travel packages will be provided when you accept your seat in the class. The travel package or course fee will be billed to your Penn Bursar bill.
  • The cost of travel to the course location and all other associated expenses (e.g., visa, room and board) will be the responsibility of the students. Travel packages will include internal transportation, hotel accommodations, hotel WiFi, and some meals, but not transportation to and from the class, visas, incidentals, etc.
  • Financial aid is available to students who receive financial aid from Penn. Your financial aid package for the GMC will be sent shortly after the decision letters go out.
  • Most GMCs require an essay, which you be able to see once you are in the registration system.
  • Only juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for the spring break GMCs.

Register for the spring break courses by 9:00 AM on November 5. You will be notified of the results of your request a few days after registration closes. Registration for the May 2019 GMCs will be at a later date.

FNCE 896: Finance in Europe (0.5 CU) Syllabus
Professors Bulent Gultekin, Joao Gomes and Bilge Yilmaz | London, United Kingdom
March 4 – 6, 2019

HCMG 890: Opportunities and Challenges in Africa: Healthcare and Business in Ethiopia (0.5 CU) Syllabus
Professors Ezekiel Emanuel and Heather Schofield | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
ESSAY REQUIRED | TRAVEL PACKAGE REQUIRED – double $900/single $1,300
March 4 – 7, 2019

LGST 898: Conducting Business in Emerging Economies: Colombia (0.5 cu) Syllabus
Professor Philip Nichol | Bogota and Medellín, Colombia
ESSAY REQUIRED | TRAVEL PACKAGE REQUIRED – double $1,050/single $1,450
March 4 – 7, 2019

MGMT 897: Design as Competitive Advantage: Portugal & Spain (0.5 cu)  Syllabus
Professors Mauro Guillen and Emilie Feldman | Madrid, Spain & Porto, Portugal
ESSAY REQUIRED | TRAVEL PACKAGE REQUIRED – double $1,100/single $1,500
March 4 – 7, 2019

OIDD 899: Global Supply Chain in China (1.0 cu) Syllabus
Professors Marshall Fisher and Edwin Keh | Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai
ESSAY REQUIRED | TRAVEL PACKAGE REQUIRED – double $1,800/single $2,450
March 4 – 9, 2019  (opening dinner evening March 3)

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* Note that seniors are only eligible to apply for the winter and spring break GMCs, and juniors may only apply for the spring break and May GMCs.