Global Modular Courses

Global Modular Courses (GMCs) are offered in an intensive workshop format over three to seven days during school breaks. Students learn applicable business opportunities and practice through project- and team-based experiential learning in a geographic location relevant to the subject matter. Each year, a variety of courses are offered in different countries around the world and Wharton juniors and seniors are eligible to apply.

GMCs expose students to a unique combination of local immersion, course concepts, and emerging business issues. The topics and locations of these courses give students first-hand exposure to business challenges and opportunities in regions undergoing rapid change — for example, energy and infrastructure in Brazil, global supply-chain management in China, and marketing in emerging economies such as India and China. In addition, GMCs enable students to work across degree programs (undergraduate, full-time MBA, and Executive MBA) and with students from host institutions.

The diversity of the student body coming from Wharton, each course’s ties to a local partner university, and the opportunity to engage with prominent regional leaders make GMCs extremely dynamic and exciting learning experiences for everyone involved.

The 2018-2019 courses will be posted in the fall semester.