Global Modular Courses

Global Modular Courses (GMCs) are offered in an intensive workshop format over three to seven days during school breaks. Open to MBA, Executive MBA and undergraduate juniors and seniors,* these modular courses are intended to provide unique educational experiences to students in a regional context that has particular resonance with the topic. The diversity of the student body coming from Wharton, each course’s ties to a local partner university, and the opportunity to engage with prominent regional leaders make GMCs extremely dynamic and exciting learning experiences for everyone involved. Each year, a variety of courses are offered in different countries around the world.

Applying for Global Modular Courses

To apply for a GMC, please log into the registration system with your PennID# starting on November 29. Only the March 2022 courses will be available at this time. Please also note the following:

  • Students may apply for more than one GMC.
  • May 2022 graduating seniors are only eligible for the March GMCs.
  • Speak with your academic advisor about how the 0.5 CU GMC classes can count towards your academic requirements.
  • If offered a seat in a course, you have 24 hours to accept or decline the seat. If you do not take any action within 24 hours, your seat will be offered to the next person on the waitlist and your application for the course will be withdrawn.
  • If placed on a waitlist for the course, you will be notified of your initial waitlist position and any advancement thereafter. If a seat becomes available, you will be notified via email and you will have 24 hours to accept the seat.
  • The May GMC applications will open in February.

Registration & Application Timeline for March 2022

  • Monday, November 29 – Sunday, December 5: Application cycle
  • Monday, December 13: Offer and waitlist decisions released
  • Monday, December 20: Seat acceptance and financial commitments deadline

Registration and Application Timeline for May/June 2022

  • Monday, February 7– Sunday, February 13: Application cycle
  • Monday, February 21: Offer and waitlist decisions released
  • Monday, February 28: Seat acceptance deadline and financial commitments

March and May/June 2022 Courses

Please note all GMCs will have a travel package. At this time, the price of the travel packages are our best estimate and subject to change.

MARCH 2022

Lessons from Israeli Innovation: March 6-March 9
Professors Guy David and David Zvilichovsky | Tel-Aviv
Travel Package:  $800 Essay Required | Syllabus

Supply Chain Management and Sustainability in Mexico: March 7-March 11
Professors Gad Allon & Santiago Gallino | Mexico City & Monterrey
Travel Package Single $1950/Double $1400  Essay Required | Syllabus

Healthcare and Business in Ghana:  March 7-March 11
Professor Zeke Emmanuel | Accra & Kumasi
Travel Package Single $1750/Double $1400 Essay Required | Syllabus

Supply Chain Management in Sweden: March 7- March 12
Professor Marshall Fisher & Edwin Keh | Guttenberg & Stockholm
Travel Package Single/Double Essay Required | Syllabus

Tech and Entrepreneurship in India: March 7- March 10
Professor Kartik Hosanagar | Mumbai, India
Travel Package Single $1150/Double $850 Essay Required | Syllabus


Environmental Sustainability in Germany: May 16- May 20
Professors John Paul MacDuffie & Nicolaj Siggelkow | Munich & Berlin
Travel Package Single/Double | Syllabus

Sustainable Growth in ASEAN:  May17-May 22
Professors Janice Bellace & Sergei Savin | Singapore, Sumatra & Johor
Travel Package Single/Double | Syllabus

Luxury Branding in France:  May 30- June 3
Professors Barbara Kahn & Cait Lamberton | Paris
Travel Package Single/Double | Syllabus

Enterprise Growth Through Innovation & Ecosystems: The Indian Perspective: May 23-May 27
Professors Rahul Kapoor & Harbir Singh | Delhi
Travel Package Single/Double Essay Required | Syllabus 

Digital Business & Citizenship in Estonia:  May 25- May 31
Professors Phil Nichols & Tyler Wry | Tallinn, Tartu & Riga
Travel Package Single/Double | Syllabus

Finance in UAE: May 16- June 19
Professors David Musto & Kevin Kaiser | Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Travel Package Single/Double

Lessons from Rwanda: May 30-June 1
Professor Katherine Klein & Eric Kacou | Kigali
Travel Package Single/Double

COVID Protocol

Information can be found on Penn’s Global Support Services website.


As the world reopens to travel, we understand that there may be cancellations by the travelers due to unforeseen circumstances. To assist with this, we are offering travel insurance for students for $59 per student round trip. In the event you cannot make the GMC, 75% of travel package AND your airfare to the GMC destination will be refunded.

 * Note that seniors are not eligible for May GMCs.