BEPP 1000: Introduction to Economics for Business

BEPP 1000¹ covers introductory microeconomics and macroeconomics for business. Unless waived, students must take this course in the fall of their first year.

BEPP 1000 must be taken for a grade, not pass/fail.

Please also note the following:

  • BEPP 1000 may be waived only if a student receives AP waivers for both microeconomics (ECON 0100) and macroeconomics (ECON 0200).¹
  • Students who are waived from only ECON 0100 may take either ECON 0200 or ECON 0110.
  • Students who are waived from only ECON 0200 may take either ECON 0100 or ECON 0110.
  • Students who are interested in eventually pursuing upper-level coursework in economics (e.g., as part of a dual-degree program or an economics minor) should consult with their advisor about the appropriate economics courses in which to begin.

¹ Note updated course numbers: BEPP 1000 replaces ECON 010 and ECON 0100 and ECON 0200 replace ECON 001 and 002 as of spring 2022.