Cohorts: Information for First-Year Students

All first-years belong to one of nine cohorts of students who share academic and social experiences.

You will take Wharton 1010 with your cohort in the fall semester. Throughout your first year, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun cohort events, including the Amazing Cohort Race (a campus-wide scavenger hunt), the Winter Whartonland gingerbread house competition, and much more.

Cohort Executive Directors, Directors, and Mentors

Cohort executive directors, directors, and mentors provide support and help you get acclimated to life at Wharton. Each first-year cohort has one executive director and two to three directors who are upper-level students. You will also be automatically enrolled in the Cohort Mentorship Program (unless you choose not to participate). Your cohort mentor will be an upper-level student who can provide guidance and advice.

Below is the list of cohorts and cohort leaders’ names. You will be assigned to a cohort in mid-June and your cohort leaders will contact you over the summer to welcome you to Penn and Wharton and answer any questions you might have.

Executive Director Eeshika Dadheech
Director Anish Bikmal
Director Elliot Ginzburg
Director Nina Saluja
Executive Director Muhammad Asrul Nahar
Director Mallory Peters
Director Pedro Saltos Montenegro
Director Yazmin Wu
Executive Director Annie Vo
Director Alexandra Vlasenkova
Director Arianna Arditi
Director Mario Paez
Executive Director John Franklin
Director Jessica Zhang
Director Reed Nerlino
Director Ryan Ghose
Executive Director Ruby Chen
Director Albert Johnston-Ramirez
Director Gabriella Gibson
Director Heerin Seo
Executive Director Michelle Chow
Director Ashish Pothireddy
Director Deepak Kejariwal
Director Yomileigh Abdi
Executive Director Chandler McCleskey
Director Elizabeth Dubov
Director Kiran Gadde
Director Tanvi Kongara
Executive Director Ashley Song
Director Christopher Gonzalez
Director Krishi Kothari
Director Elizabeth Guan
Executive Director Sunni Liu
Director Bonnie Li
Director Michael Lu
Director Suzanna Wang
cohort leaders

First-Year Advice

Jake Rodin

“Be confident, put yourself out there, and take advantage of the amazing opportunities in front of you. Four years go by way too quickly—don’t waste a minute of it.

It was really hard for me to break away from my home in Arizona and come to Wharton. I remember the mix of nervousness and excitement I felt as I turned out the lights in my room in the Quad for my first night on campus. Now, I live a few doors down from that same room as the RA for my old hall.”

Jake Rodin, W’23, Paradise Valley, Arizona