Independent Study

Independent study allows students to pursue academic interests not available in regularly offered courses. The following policies apply to independent studies:

  • A minimum 3.4 cumulative GPA and completion of at least 24 CUs are necessary to pursue an independent study.
  • Independent study courses may not be taken pass/fail.
  • Only one independent study project can be completed in a semester.
  • Students may complete no more than two independent study projects within Wharton and no more than two in non-Wharton departments.

Dual-degree students who wish to pursue an independent study with a professor in their other school should follow that school’s policies and procedures.

Students interested in pursuing an independent study must:

  1. Meet with an academic advisor.
  2. Work with a professor in a related field to articulate the purpose, requirements, and syllabus of the study. The professor will ultimately provide guidance and grade the independent study work.
  3. Submit an Independent Study Proposal with all supporting documentation for consideration.

Independent study proposals should be submitted early in the semester (i.e., before the Course Selection Period ends) and are reviewed by the Undergraduate Division Petitions Committee. After the committee meets, the student will be notified via email about the outcome.