Wharton Faculty Council for Undergraduate Research

The Wharton Faculty Council for Undergraduate Research is composed of standing faculty who span a variety of research interests and methodologies and who have demonstrated their commitment to undergraduate research endeavors. Students investigating and/or pursuing research opportunities are encouraged to connect with Council members during their published office hours. Please note that you should email the Council member you wish to speak with prior to your meeting and include what you would like to discuss in the email.

Faculty Member Department Email Office Location
Jose Miguel Abito BEPP abito@wharton.upenn.edu Vance Hall 335
Andrew Carton MGMT carton@wharton.upenn.edu SH-DH 2029
Joseph Gyourko REAL gyourko@wharton.upenn.edu SH-DH 1480
Scott Harrington HCMG harring@wharton.upenn.edu Colonial Penn Center, 206
William Laufer LGST lauferw@wharton.upenn.edu JMHH 670
Maria Rieders OIDD rieders@wharton.upenn.edu JMHH 517
Catherine Schrand ACCT schrand@wharton.upenn.edu SH-DH 1316
Deborah Small MKTG deborahs@wharton.upenn.edu JMHH 760
Dylan Small STAT dsmall@wharton.upenn.edu JMHH 464
Jules van Binsbergen FNCE julesv@wharton.upenn.edu SH-DH 2460