First-Year Communications


Email is the primary communication channel used by Penn and Wharton administrators.

  • Setting up your Wharton email account – Communications for students will initially be sent to the personal email account you provided to Penn Admissions. Once you have set up your Wharton email account, we will begin communicating through that. We anticipate using only your Wharton email starting June 15.
  • Class emailing list – You will automatically be subscribed to your class (“wugr25”) emailing list. You are responsible for reading all messages sent to your Wharton email account and are expected to be aware of any information sent via the class emailing list. Over the summer, we recommend that you check your email at least once per week. Once the fall semester starts, you should check your Wharton email daily.

Social Media

¹ Note that these private Facebook groups are overseen by the Undergraduate Division, but we are not responsible for any unofficial groups, chats, or any content within.