All Wharton single-degree undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 37 course units (CUs).1  Students enrolled in a coordinated dual-degree program should check with their program advisor to learn about their unique requirements. For a Wharton single-degree undergraduate student, the standard course load is 4 to 5 CUs per semester. To learn more about the requirements of the Wharton single-degree curriculum, follow the links below:

Requirements for students entering Wharton in fall 2017 or later >>

Requirements for students who entered Wharton prior to fall 2017 >>

Students are encouraged to see an academic advisor for any questions about the requirements of their academic program.

1 While many colleges and universities list the weight of their courses in credits, Penn uses a course unit (CU) system. Most courses at Penn are worth 1 CU (with the exception of lab courses, which are typically worth 1.5 CUs, and mini-courses, which are worth 0.5 CU).