Any 1 of these 2 courses will fulfill the requirement.*

MATH 104 and MATH 110 assume that students have had the equivalent of AB calculus in high school and are familiar with concepts through applications of differentiation and basic integration techniques. Students without this background should consider taking MATH 103 in the fall in preparation for MATH 104 or 110 in the spring.

MATH 104: Calculus I
MATH 104 starts with a brief review of AB calculus and then covers applications of integrals, transcendental functions, methods of integration, infinite series, Taylor’s theorem, and the use of symbolic manipulation and graphics software in calculus.

MATH 104 is recommended for Engineering dual-degree students, students who are interested in pursuing a statistics concentration or quantitative minors such as math, or any student who plans to take MATH 114.

MATH 110: Calculus for Wharton Students
This calculus course is designed to provide the tools for application of mathematics to business and other areas outside of the science and engineering fields. As such it covers a selection of topics from AB calculus (MATH 103), BC calculus (MATH 104) and multivariate calculus (MATH 114).

Math 110 excludes topics such as geometric integrals (normally taught in MATH 104) while including multivariate optimization (normally taught in MATH 114) and an in-depth coverage of some topics from MATH 103 that are often not well understood by students who have taken AB calculus.

MATH 110 is recommended for Wharton students who are interested in pursuing more qualitative concentrations.

Important Information about Math Courses and Placement

  • Students who have credit for MATH 104/110 may enroll in STAT 101. Credit for MATH 104 is granted per the standards set by the Department of Mathematics. Learn more about math advanced placement and transfer credit >>
  • Students who have credit for MATH 104/110 and have scored a 5 on the Statistics AP exam may enroll in STAT 102.**
  • Students who do not have credit for MATH 104/110 should take the Department of Mathematics online diagnostic exam and discuss their results with their academic advisor.
  • MATH 114 is recommended for students interested in quantitative fields, such as statistics or actuarial science, and is a prerequisite for STAT 430 and 431.
  • Students in a coordinated dual-degree program should consult with their respective advisors for the requirements of their programs.

* The required courses listed above must be taken for a grade, not pass/fail.
** A score of 5 on the Statistics AP exam satisfies the STAT 101 requirement. Depending on the student’s class year, this may appear as a STAT 111 credit or waiver on the student’s transcript.