Transferring Credits from Your Previous Institution

External transfer students to Wharton who are seeking credit for courses taken at their previous institution should use the External Course Approval Tool (XCAT).  Students may seek credit for both business and non-business courses taken up to and including the spring semester prior to their Penn matriculation.  For courses taken during the summer immediately prior to their Penn matriculation, students may seek credit for non-business courses only.

What do I need to know about transferring credit?

After external transfer students matriculate they cannot take any additional coursework away from Penn UNLESS the credit is completed at a Penn-approved study abroad program.

Each course must be approved by the appropriate academic department for credit. Whether a particular course is eligible for transfer credit is at the discretion of the respective academic department.

Students may not transfer courses from outside Penn that were taken pass/fail and must have earned a grade of C or better to be considered for credit.

Grades from courses taken at other institutions will not be calculated into a student’s Penn grade point average.

How do I use XCAT to get my courses approved?

  1. Sign on to XCAT and follow the instructions to receive academic department approval from the University of Pennsylvania. Remember to submit your request to the correct academic department.
  2. Once you have received department approval (the message “Dept approved, in division queue” will appear in the status of your course request), email your assigned advisor to notify them that your coursework has been approved.
  3. Within the first two weeks of the fall semester, meet with your assigned advisor to finalize your credit transfer and plan your course schedule for the semester.

If you have any questions, please contact your assigned advisor or