Media Relations and Press Releases for Student Events

The Wharton Communications Office is available to provide resources and advice on media promotion for student conferences, and must approve all press releases prior to distribution. Note that Wharton Communications does not provide any services related to advertising or sponsorship.

Press release approval process

  • Notify your conference speakers that you intend to invite reporters to the conference and have your speakers complete the Media_Release_Form. Do this as soon as possible; do not assume that your speakers will not care if reporters are present.
  • If your speakers agree to media presence, draft your press release, which should:
    • Be one page with basic who, what, where, when, and why type of information.
    • State that the event is hosted by “a student-run organization of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.”
    • Be on your student organization’s letterhead.
    • Include your contact information (phone and email).
  • At least one month before your event (the earlier the better), send your press release to  for approval.

Wharton Communications can provide you with media contact lists when your release has been approved. They can also provide samples of previous student press releases, as well as boilerplate information about Wharton when appropriate. Tell the Wharton Communications Office if any reporters plan to attend your conference.

Please note that if you send out an unapproved press release you will not be able to use the “Wharton” name for your conference.