Students who wish to study a subject of interest in greater depth may choose to pursue a minor. Minors generally require six to eight courses in a particular field of study. A carefully planned program of study allows a Wharton student to complete a minor within the Wharton curriculum, capitalizing on potential overlap with General Education and Unrestricted Elective requirements. Students are encouraged to begin planning as early as possible to ensure the minor can be completed in a timely manner and without taking extra courses.

Wharton students have the option of pursuing either a departmental minor or a University (interschool) minor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can minor courses be taken pass/fail?

No. All minor courses, whether for a departmental or University minor, must be taken for a letter grade.

Is it possible to complete a minor without taking extra courses beyond the 37 CUs required for the Wharton undergraduate curriculum?

With proper planning, it is possible for students to incorporate a minor into the existing requirements of the Wharton undergraduate curriculum, capitalizing on potential overlap with general education and elective requirements. Students considering a minor are encouraged to explore their interests and to meet with an advisor early in their academic career to best plan for fulfillment of requirements and maximize scheduling space.

Are minors listed on students' transcripts?

Yes. Once all minor requirements have been fulfilled, the minor will be listed on the student’s transcript.