Undergraduate Division Directory

The Wharton Undergraduate Division · G95 Huntsman Hall · 3730 Walnut Street · Philadelphia, PA 19104 · undergradinfo@wharton.upenn.edu · +1.215.898.7608 · +1.215.573.2070 (fax)

Contact Name
Phone (215)
Vice Dean and Director Diana Robertson vicedean-ug@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7608
Exec. Assistant to the Vice Dean Megan Cuadrado mcuad@wharton.upenn.edu 898-0885
Managing Director Jonathan Katzenbach jkatzenb@wharton.upenn.edu 746-6153
Finance, Communications, and Operations
Associate Director, Student Records Mike O'Brien mcobrien@wharton.upenn.edu 898-2402
Business Administrator Frank De Francis defrank@wharton.upenn.edu 898-2892
Financial Administrative Coordinators Tamara Amazan tamazan@wharton.upenn.edu 898-5873
Maher Zerkani mzerkani@wharton.upenn.edu 573-9715
Director, Operations and Communications Meredith Stone merstone@wharton.upenn.edu 746-8159
Coordinator, Program Operations Bernadette Butler butlerb@wharton.upenn.edu 898-6353
Coordinator, Program Operations Britny Molloy britny@wharton.upenn.edu 573-4995
Coordinator, Office Operations Taylor Plunkett-Clements taylorpc@wharton.upenn.edu 898-9563
Coordinator, Communications Catherine Smith smithcat@wharton.upenn.edu 746-5885
Academic Affairs and Advising
Director of Academic Affairs Celina Gray celina@wharton.upenn.edu 746-2042
Director of Advising Elizabeth Sutton suttonel@wharton.upenn.edu 898-0287
Associate Directors Lisa Burton-Grika lburt@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7612
Xiumei (Mei) Long longxiu@wharton.upenn.edu 898-3541
Teran Tadal tadalt@wharton.upenn.edu 746-4032
Jenna Tesauro jtesauro@wharton.upenn.edu 898-9152
Hillary Wiesel hwiesel@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7599
Research & Scholars Programs
Director Utsav Schurmans schurman@wharton.upenn.edu 898-0285
Student Life
Director Lee Kramer lkramer@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7613
Associate Directors Grace Conte gconte@wharton.upenn.edu 573-9716
Aman Goyal goaman@wharton.upenn.edu 573-0524
Specific Concerns
Academic & Learning Resources Lisa Burton-Grika lburt@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7612
Athletics Liaison Jenna Tesauro jtesauro@wharton.upenn.edu 898-9152
Cohorts/Clubs/Class Events Lee Kramer lkramer@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7613
Disabilities Services Lisa Burton-Grika lburt@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7612
Law School Submatriculation Hillary Wiesel hwiesel@wharton.upenn.edu 898-9152
Leave of Absence Lisa Burton-Grika lburt@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7612
MBA Submatriculation Teran Tadal tadalt@wharton.upenn.edu 746-4032
Minors Jenna Tesauro jtesauro@wharton.upenn.edu 898-9152
Student Financial Services Liaison Mike O'Brien mcobrien@wharton.upenn.edu 898-2402
Transfer Credits/XCAT Mike O'Brien mcobrien@wharton.upenn.edu 898-2402
Emergency Contact Numbers
Penn Police Emergency (from campus phone) 511
Penn Police Emergency (from off-campus phone) 573-3333
JMHH Security Desk 898-2300
SH-DH Security Desk 573-0627
Philadelphia Police, Fire and Rescue Emergency (can be contacted directly by Penn Police) 911