Undergraduate Division Directory

Please note that questions about admissions, the application process, campus visits, and information sessions for prospective students should be addressed to the University of Pennsylvania’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

The Wharton Undergraduate Division · 1400 Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall · 3620 Locust Walk · Philadelphia, PA 19104 · undergradinfo@wharton.upenn.edu · +1.215.898.7608 · +1.215.573.2070 (fax)

Contact Name
Phone (215)
Vice Dean and Director Diana Robertson vicedean-ug@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7608
Assistant to the Vice Dean Newar Abu-Aita newar@wharton.upenn.edu 746-2687
Executive Director Jennifer Murphy jenmur5@wharton.upenn.edu 746-6153
Finance, Communications, and Operations
Business Administrator Frank De Francis defrank@wharton.upenn.edu 898-2892
Finance Coordinator Jennifer Warpole jwarpole@wharton.upenn.edu 573-4484
Finance and Data Analyst Maher Zerkani mzerkani@wharton.upenn.edu 573-9715
Director, Operations and Communications Meredith Stone merstone@wharton.upenn.edu 746-8159
Associate Director, Signature Events and Programs Isabelle Glass isaglass@wharton.upenn.edu 573-4995
Communications Specialist Sara Hoover smhoover@wharton.upenn.edu 746-5885
Office Coordinator Phoebe Decker pdecker@wharton.upenn.edu 898-5284
Academic Affairs and Advising
Senior Director, Academic Affairs Celina Gray celina@wharton.upenn.edu 746-2042
Associate Director, Case Management & Student Support Lisa Burton-Grika lburt@wharton.upenn.edu 898-7612
Associate Director, Student Records Mike O'Brien mcobrien@wharton.upenn.edu 898-2402
Director, Advising Monica Jacobe jacobem@wharton.upenn.edu 898-9152
Associate Directors, Advising Tim Hobart thobart@wharton.upenn.edu 573-9940
Lisa Parladé parlade@wharton.upenn.edu 573.0524
Francesca Pugh-Opher fpugh@wharton.upenn.edu 573.9716
Amanda Simpson asimps1@wharton.upenn.edu 898-0287
Academic Advisors Zachery Colburn zcolburn@wharton.upenn.edu 746-2537
Maggie Ho maggieho@wharton.upenn.edu 746-2542
Sarah Hoobler shoobler@wharton.upenn.edu 746-2539
Equity and Inclusion
Director, Equity and Inclusion Teran Tadal tadalt@wharton.upenn.edu 746-4032
Associate Director, Equity and Inclusion Bernadette Butler butlerb@wharton.upenn.edu 898-6353
Research and Scholars Programs
Director, Research and Scholars Programs Utsav Schurmans schurman@wharton.upenn.edu 898-0285
Experiential Learning
Associate Director, Student Life Lisa Podolsky lisapod@wharton.upenn.edu 746-1252
Associate Director, Professional Readiness Ariel Robbins aarobbin@wharton.upenn.edu 898-2168
Undergraduate Communications Program
Director Andrea Dolph dolpha@wharton.upenn.edu 898-5331
Associate Directors Sara Mangat smangat@wharton.upenn.edu 573-7883
Chris Morse morsech@wharton.upenn.edu  
Emergency Contact Numbers
Penn Police Emergency (from campus phone) 511
Penn Police Emergency (from off-campus phone) 573-3333
JMHH Security Desk 898-2300
SH-DH Security Desk 573-0627
Philadelphia Police, Fire and Rescue Emergency (can be contacted directly by Penn Police) 911