All students graduate from Wharton with a bachelor of science in economics; however, each student is required to choose a concentration, which consists of four upper-level courses that explore a particular area of business in depth.

The timeline is flexible, but students may first declare a concentration at the end of sophomore year after they have completed the majority of the Business Fundamental courses. Students can design an individualized concentration if they cannot find a standard one that aligns with their interests. Students can change their concentration at any time.

Students can complete more than one concentration (Note: Students who entered Wharton in fall of 2017 or later may declare a maximum of two concentrations). In most cases, students use three Unrestricted Electives to take courses toward their second concentration. One course in the second concentration can double-count as a Business Breadth. Students cannot count courses toward more than one concentration.

Concentration courses must be taken at the University of Pennsylvania and may not be taken pass/fail. Students must earn at least a 2.5 GPA in the four courses counted toward their concentration(s).

For more detailed information on each concentration, please click on the links below. Students should also review the FAQ, which provides tips and advice. To declare or change a concentration, students should speak to an academic advisor in the Undergraduate Division.

Concentration Options

¹ These are STEM-designated concentrations that will offer extended OPT to students with F1 visas. Visit the ISSS website for more information.
² This concentration may not be used as a primary or sole concentration.
³ In this dual concentration, students complete a primary concentration in marketing with a special second concentration in communication for a total of 8 CUs.
4 This concentration is no longer being offered. Students currently on track for this concentration should reach out to the concentration advisor to discuss ways to finish the concentration.