Information for Sophomores

The Wharton Sophomore Experience is intended to help you navigate your sophomore year by sharing opportunities that will help you prepare academically, explore career options, develop leadership skills, and make connections while also maintaining your health and well-being. The more activities completed, the more giveaways and incentives you will receive.

Each Wharton sophomore has their own online Guide to Personal Success (GPS) that tracks their activities and accomplishments. All students have to do is take part in the activities listed in the categories below and check that their attendance/participation is registered. The Undergraduate Division will process the attendance information, and the student will be invited to pick up their incentive items.

Specific information about the events listed in the categories below will be emailed to sophomores on a regular basis.

Academic Preparation

Making Connections

Leadership Development

1 Wharton Undergraduate Division staff will work with Wharton-specific clubs to determine this list.  While we recognize there are many leadership positions beyond Wharton, we are currently only able to track those in Wharton-specific clubs.