Departmental Minors

Departmental minors are available within schools across Penn, including Wharton (Statistics), Arts and Sciences, and Engineering and Applied Science. Departmental minors usually require six to eight courses in a particular field of study and are governed by individual academic programs and departments. Click on the links above to access each department’s minor policies.

Please note that Wharton students may not pursue the Statistics minor. They may instead complete a concentration in this area.

To declare a minor in the College of Arts & Sciences or the School of Engineering & Applied Science, students should review the minor requirements and then consult with the appropriate representative in the department offering the minor. The department will review the student’s course plan and post the intended minor to the student’s transcript. Once the minor has been declared, students are responsible for seeking departmental approval for any changes to courses originally approved.

Students are also encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in the Wharton Undergraduate Division to discuss how their minor requirements can fit into the Wharton curriculum.

For additional information, please contact your assigned advisor or