Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes. Class should take precedence over all other engagements. Faculty will determine the number of absences permitted in each class, and non-attendance or frequent absences may result in a failing grade. Students should refer to their syllabi for course-specific absence policies.

Students who must miss class at any point during the semester should notify the course instructor as soon as possible. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what course work and content was missed and to catch up in a timely manner.

Course Absence Report System

The purpose of the CAR system is to provide a way for students to communicate with instructors when medical issues, family emergencies, or other extenuating circumstances necessitate missing class.

Students log into the CAR system via Penn InTouch and send a Course Absence Report to the relevant course instructors indicating the days that will be missed and a reason for the absence(s).

Students who submit Course Absence Reports are then responsible for following up with the instructor about any missed coursework or content.

Please note:

  • Course Absence Reports are a communication tool and do not constitute “excuses.”
  • The CAR system replaces instructor notifications that have been provided by the Wharton Undergraduate Division in the past.
  • The Undergraduate Division will no longer collect documentation or provide instructor notification for absences of five days or fewer.
  • Students who will be absent for more than five days should contact an advisor in the Undergraduate Division to discuss the impact this longer absence may have on their schoolwork.