Purchase Orders

The policies and procedures on this page apply to Wharton undergraduate student organizations. Policy violations will be addressed through a student-group accountability process beginning with a conversation between organization leaders and Division staff. Failure to follow policies can result in freezing of Wharton Council and non-Wharton Council funds for 3 months to a full semester (excluding summer months). Information about the violations and resulting penalties will also be shared with Wharton Council and the Office of Student Affairs.

Vendors/suppliers that frequently work with the University of Pennsylvania are on Penn’s purchase order system. If a vendor is on the purchase order (PO) system, a purchase order should be used for payment.

To pay a vendor that is on the PO system, please follow these steps:

  1. Request a quote/invoice from the vendor. Please make sure the quote does not include tax.
  2. Complete and submit a Purchase Order Form at least 3 days before the day of the event. (You will need to upload the quote as well as an event flyer or attendees list)
  3. The Undergraduate Division will process the request and provide you with a PO number that you must then provide to the vendor.

Please keep in mind that meal limits for student organizations are $25 (breakfast/lunch) and $45 (dinner).

Purchases $250 and under can be made through reimbursement using the Concur system; however, tax will not be reimbursed if the vendor is on the PO system. Also note that this limit is per event and not per invoice.