Wharton Peer Advising Program

The Wharton Peer Advising Program features a group of peer advising fellows, Wharton seniors, who can provide advice regarding academic, extracurricular, and professional concerns to their undergraduate peers.

The fellows draw from their academic and professional backgrounds and offer advice based on their personal experiences. Fellows will not discuss an advisee’s grades or personal worksheet and are not meant to replace the professional advisors or any other resource at Penn (e.g., Career Services, CAPS).

The peer advising fellows can give advice on:

  • What academic options they found most rewarding
  • How they decided what concentration to pursue
  • How they got the most out of their abroad experience
  • What courses they think prepared them for an internship
  • Which extracurriculars added the most to their education

Advisee Testimonials

“Loved my peer advisor. Both helpful and insightful and very truthful about her experiences. Took the time to walk me through how to do a case study even!”

“She was extremely warm, friendly, and honest. She gave concrete, helpful advice about concentrations, internships, and developing my interests outside the classroom.”

“He gave very detailed help and suggestions that were actionable.”


If you have any questions, please contact Jenna Tesauro, Associate Director, Academic Advising (215.898.9152).