Wharton Peer Advising

The Wharton peer advisors are a team of juniors and seniors who have been specially trained to provide support to their fellow undergraduates. The peer advisors are available via email and for drop-in advising in the Undergraduate Division, 1400 SHDH.

The peer advisors draw from their academic and professional backgrounds and can offer advice based on their personal experiences and training. Below are some examples of what they can give advice on:

  • Academic options
  • What to consider when choosing a concentration
  • Courses that can help students prepare for internships
  • Clubs and co-curricular options

Note that peer advisors will not discuss an advisee’s grades or personal worksheet and are not meant to replace the professional advisors or any other resource at Penn (e.g., Career Services, Student Health and Counseling).


If you have any questions, please contact Francesca Pugh-Opher, Associate Director.