Club Email Accounts and Mailing Lists

CampusGroups screenshot

Club Email Accounts

Wharton-recognized student clubs and organizations are encouraged to have a shared email account for their group (e.g., Information about setting up club email accounts can be found here.

Mailing Lists

It is recommended that clubs use CampusGroups for member mailing lists and to design and send emails (see graphic); however, they can also request a Wharton mailing list for the group.


In cases where a group feels an email is appropriate to inform a portion of the Wharton community, the following rules and guidelines apply:

  • Wharton students may disseminate information to each other and the wider Wharton community by using club/affinity group email lists.
  • Students may not create a new listserv using the Wharton Global Address List. Any attempts to bypass official mailing lists (and their restrictions and requirements) are prohibited.
  • Use of the “wugr” class mailing lists is reserved for Wharton department and Undergraduate Division-sponsored student organization use only.

The use of Wharton email is a privilege. Abuse of these policies could result in the deactivation of a student’s Wharton email account.