The Leadership Journey

3 required courses
1 senior capstone course or project

The Leadership Journey is a set of four modules that prepares students for leadership roles by providing experiential learning as well as evidence-based content on leadership, communication, teamwork, and diversity.

Wharton 1010: Business and You (0.5 CU)

WH1010: Business and You: Exploring Business Pathways and Developing Your Potential¹ is the gateway course of the Leadership Journey and features professors and alumni in conversations about critical problems, research, and leadership in a series of sessions spanning the School’s curricular areas. The course objectives are to:

  • Introduce students to the wide range of curricular opportunities available at Wharton
  • Make students more aware of their strengths and leadership potential
  • Orient students to the Wharton experience and empower them to become engaged members of the scholarly and co-curricular community

This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Wharton 2010: Business Communication (0.5 CU)

WH 2010: Business Communication for Impact¹ prepares students to communicate confidently, effectively, and persuasively in all types of business communication (spoken and written, formal and informal, prepared and spontaneous).

WH 2010 must be taken for a grade, not pass/fail.

Management 3010: Teamwork and Interpersonal Influence (0.5 CU)

This course develops students’ abilities to work productively in diverse teams and includes discussion and application of research-based best practices for maximizing team performance.

MGMT 3010¹ must be taken for a grade, not pass/fail.

Senior Capstone Course (0.5 CU)

A range of integrative capstone course options that involve work on group projects and draw on prior coursework can fulfill this requirement. Visit the Senior Capstone page to learn more about the requirement and course options.

Capstone courses must be taken for a grade, not pass/fail.

¹ Starting with Advance Registration in spring 2022, all course numbers are changing from 3 to 4 numbers/characters. In general, if the old course number was <100, the new course number will be the old number prefaced by a zero. If the old course number was >100, the new course number will be the old number with a zero appended to the end, e.g., WH 101 becomes WH 1010.