Double-Counting Courses

Wharton’s undergraduate curriculum allows double-counting of courses in limited ways: 

  • Two CUs satisfying the Cross-Cultural Perspectives requirement may also double-count as Humanities; Social Sciences; Natural Sciences, Math, and Engineering (NSME); and Flex General Education (FGE). 
  • Courses taken at Penn that satisfy the Foreign Language requirement may also double-count as Humanities and FGE. 
  • Up to 1 CU from a second concentration can double-count as a Business Breadth. 

Coordinated dual-degree programs have differing requirements, and students in those programs should review their requirements with a program advisor. 

Students pursuing uncoordinated dual degrees and departmental minors in the College or SEAS may have courses from those programs also fill Wharton’s liberal arts and sciences requirements, provided the courses are approved for Wharton. 

Students completing University Minors need to review the minor’s requirements and restrictions with a minor advisor. 

Students completing accelerated Master’s or sub-matriculation programs are typically limited to a maximum of three courses that can be double-counted between the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students should consult the program advisor and documentation for those programs to confirm.