Cohorts: Information for Freshmen

2012-DirectorsAll freshmen belong to one of nine cohorts of students who share academic and social experiences.

You will take Wharton 101 with your cohort in the fall semester. Throughout your freshman year, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun cohort events, including the Amazing Cohort Race (a campus-wide scavenger hunt), the Winter Whartonland gingerbread house competition, and much more. Learn more about cohort events and initiatives here.

Cohort Executive Directors, Directors, and Mentors

Cohort executive directors, directors, and mentors provide support and help you get acclimated to life at Wharton. Each freshman cohort has one executive director and two to three directors who are upperclassmen. You also have the option of being assigned a cohort mentor, who is an additional  upperclassman who can provide guidance and advice. Please contact your cohort leaders if you wish to be assigned a mentor.

Below is the list of cohorts and cohort leaders’ names. You will be assigned to a cohort in mid-June and your cohort leaders will contact you over the summer to welcome you to Penn and Wharton and answer any questions you might have. Be sure to also get to know your fellow cohort members on your cohort Facebook group.

Executive Director Coco Wang
Director Jane Huang
Director Matteo Brunel
Executive Director Elizabeth Holmdahl
Director Emily Liao
Director Stephanie Xie
Director Zihan Kabir
Executive Director Trista Vatavuk
Director Meg Frantz
Director Merrick Eng
Executive Director Miranda Gieg
Director Natasha Napolitano
Director Connor Gibson
Executive Director Will Castner
Director Kirti Nath
Director Zahra Barrow
Executive Director Jeriann Gumila
Director Ethan Wu
Director Jessica Brown
Executive Director Clio Sun
Director Jay Madden
Director Maddie Blake
Director Connor Blend
Executive Director Maria Curry
Director Meghana Chigurupati
Director Allison Masuda
Executive Director Daniel Leva
Director Cameron Vaziri
Director Niva Patel

Advice for Freshmen

karen-sun“Every day, aim to make a new friend, and follow up with them – I might have learned this too late, but sometimes a second conversation is all you need to begin an incredible friendship. In your last days at Penn, and as you move beyond, you come to find that these friendships are what you value above all else.”

Karen Sun, W’15, Alpharetta, GA