Group Study Rooms (GSRs)

Wharton students can reserve GSRs in Huntsman Hall (JMHH) and the Academic Research Building (ARB). Each GSR seats approximately six people.


  • Use of the GSRs is reserved for groups only. Single individuals using a room (even with a reservation) will be asked to leave if a group wishes to use the room.
  • Students from another college at Penn taking a Wharton class cannot reserve GSRs. However, GSRs, as well as multi-media rooms, café study booths, and seminar rooms, can be reserved at Van Pelt Library with a PennKey.
  • Use it or lose it—Groups who have reserved a room must show up within 10 minutes of their scheduled time. If they don’t, they can lose their room reservation to another group who now can appropriate the empty room.
  • Do not cover windows and doors with paper or other materials.
  • Students will be held accountable for the condition of the room and equipment. Usage will be monitored. Students may be subject to fines and/or loss of use.
  • Students are responsible for their personal belongings.

Reserving GSRs

Wharton students can reserve GSRs for a total of 90 minutes (in 30-minute increments). GSRs can be reserved in one 30-, 60- or 90-minute slot or in up to three, separate 30-minute slots.

Wharton students can book GSRs using the GSR Reservations application. More information on booking GSRs with the app can be found here.


If you are having trouble with one of the technologies in the room, see if your question is listed in the Troubleshooting GSRs article. If not, or the solution doesn’t solve the problem, please submit a ticket to the Wharton Computing’s Student Support Team.

¹ Note that this feature of GSR Reservations is only available from the computer located in the Group Study Room. (In other words, you can’t use GSR Reservations to bump someone’s reservation unless you are in the room and intend to use it.)