JWS: WH 399 Thesis Proposal

  • Applicant Information

  • Your 8 digit Penn identification number
  • Include a brief description of your proposed research project. (Limit: 500 words)
  • Explain how your past experiences (academic, professional, and personal) will help you execute your chosen project. (Limit: 500 words)
  • Faculty Advisor Information

  • Faculty Advisor Approval Form

    Notice to students applying during spring 2020: To submit your faculty advisor approval form, please copy and paste information from the form linked below, adding relevant information to be supplied by the student, and email it to the faculty member. Their reply, including the text from the form, will serve as their approval, which you can email to Dr. Schurmans.

    Download and print this document. The form should be signed by the faculty advisor and either dropped off at the JMHH G95 front desk by the student or emailed by the faculty member to Utsav Schurmans at schurman@wharton.upenn.edu by the application deadline.