JWS: WH 399 Thesis Proposal

  • Applicant Information

  • Your 8 digit Penn identification number
  • Include a brief description of your proposed research project. (Limit: 500 words)
  • Explain how your past experiences (academic, professional, and personal) will help you execute your chosen project. (Limit: 500 words)
  • Faculty Advisor

  • Faculty Advisor Agreement

    You must discuss your proposed project with this faculty member, gain their written or emailed agreement to serve as your WH399 faculty advisor, and submit their agreement with your application.

    Copy and paste the language below--adding the relevant information to be provided by the student--and email it to your faculty member for their review and reply. The faculty advisor's written or emailed agreement must include the following language:

    • I understand [enter student name] is part of the Joseph Wharton Scholars (JWS) program and is requesting that I serve as their faculty advisor for WH399, a year-long thesis seminar taking place [list the 2 consecutive semesters of your WH399 course].

      JWS requires each student to engage in a significant research project under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The scholars will join a close-knit community of students with similar dedication to academic research during WH399, which is offered in fall-spring and spring-fall sections. A formal research proposal is due at the end of the first semester and an online presentation and final paper are due by the end of the second semester. Limited funds are available to assist students with research expenses when needed. During the seminar, students learn about the variety of research resources on campus, discuss their project progress, strategies, and challenges with classmates, and hear faculty guests from a range of disciplines present their research projects to the class. The faculty advisor’s role is to advise the student (through regular meetings as is mutually convenient and consistent with making appropriate progress on the project), grade the work at the completion of each semester, and approve the final thesis due at the end of the second semester.

      I have discussed the proposed project with the student and agree to serve as their faculty advisor for the duration of the seminar.

  • Attach your faculty advisor's written agreement here.