Global Economy, Business, and Society

For students entering Wharton in fall 2017 or later

1 required CU

Courses in this category reflect the varied ways in which the global nature of the business landscape affects business practices.  These courses have a strong international focus, with an emphasis on analyzing and understanding the impact of national and international organizations, economic policies, politics, and culture on business practices, societal concerns, and stakeholder relationships across countries. Through these courses, students gain insight into the interconnectedness of the world as well as its local and regional variation.

Global Economy, Business, and Society courses may not be counted toward any other requirement and must be taken for a letter grade, not pass/fail. Students should wait until sophomore year or later to take these courses.

Approved courses:*

  • BEPP 203: Business in the Global Political Environment
  • BEPP 233: Consumers, Firms & Markets in Developing Countries
  • FNCE 219: International Financial Markets
  • FNCE 231: International Corporate Finance (formerly FNCE 208)
  • FNCE 232: International Banking (formerly FNCE 220)
  • HCMG 204: Comparative Health Care Systems
  • LGST 219: Law and Policy In International Business
  • LGST 220: International Business Ethics
  • MGMT 111: Multinational Management
  • MGMT 209: The Political and Social Environment of the Multinational Firm
  • REAL 205: Global Real Estate
  • REAL 236: International Housing Comparisons

* Additional courses will be added to this list as they are approved by the Curriculum Innovation and Review Committee.