The Leadership Journey

For students entering Wharton in fall 2017 or later

3 required courses
1 senior capstone course or project

The Leadership Journey is a set of four modules that prepares students for leadership roles by providing experiential learning as well as evidence-based content on leadership, communication, teamwork, and diversity.

Wharton 101: Business and You (0.5 CU)

WH101: Business and You: Exploring Business Pathways and Developing Your Potential is the gateway course of the Leadership Journey and features professors and alumni in conversations about critical problems, research, and leadership in a series of sessions spanning the School’s curricular areas. The course objectives are to:

  • Introduce students to the wide range of curricular opportunities available at Wharton
  • Make students more aware of their strengths and leadership potential
  • Orient students to the Wharton experience and empower them to become engaged members of the scholarly and co-curricular community

This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Wharton 201: Management Communication (0.5 CU)

WH 201: Management Communication: Persuasive Speaking and Writing for Business focuses on developing and practicing oral and written communication skills for presentations and business memos across a range of scenarios.

Wharton 301/Management 301: Teamwork and Interpersonal Influence (0.5 CU)

This course develops students’ abilities to work productively in diverse teams and includes discussion and application of research-based best practices for maximizing team performance. Wharton 301 is cross-listed as MGMT 301.

Senior Capstone Course or Project (0.5 CU)

A range of integrative/capstone course options that involve work on group projects and draw on prior coursework can fulfill this requirement. Courses that will satisfy the senior capstone requirement will require students to:

  • Apply knowledge to practice for actual or simulated clients, with a focus on the synthesis of knowledge acquired during four years.
  • Practice analytical thinking skills (analyzing and framing business problems and problem-solving techniques), including consideration of ethical issues.
  • Practice written and oral communication skills.
  • Practice working in an assigned team environment by leveraging the experience developed in earlier modules of the leadership Journey.
  • Produce a group report and a presentation on their project.
  • Produce individual reports reflecting on the problem-solving experience as well as the team dynamics.

The following courses will satisfy the capstone requirement:¹

  • BEPP 401: Capstone on Public Policy Analysis (0.5 CU)
  • FNCE 401: Advanced Private Equity (1.0 CU)²
  • FNCE 402: Shareholder Activism (1.0 CU)²
  • LSMP 421: LSM Capstone Course (1.0 CU, LSM students only)
  • MGMT 399: Service-Learning Client Projects: Senior Capstone (0.5 CU)
  • MKTG 401: Marketing Analytics Capstone: Learning By Doing (0.5 CU)
  • WH 401: Integrative Business Simulation (0.5 CU)3

¹ Additional courses will be added to this list as they are approved by the Curriculum Innovation and Review Committee.
² Students may count 0.5 CU toward the Capstone requirement and the other 0.5 CU toward other purposes (e.g., concentration or Business Breadth)
3 Formerly WH 398: Senior Capstone