SPUR 2023: Gaurish Gaur, W’26

This past summer I had the opportunity to be part of the SPUR program. This program allowed for my independent research into how various macroeconomic variables affect VC and PE fundraising.

What separates SPUR from other research I’ve done in the past or other potential summer programs, is that it allows rather independence as a student on how you want to structure your research. Be it qualitative or quantitative, historical or contemporary, I never felt constricted by the program on what my research could focus on. Instead, SPUR allowed me to develop my skills in data modeling, financial analysis, and economic research while exploring a topic I was passionate about. For me, the most exciting part was being able to hop from paper to paper whenever I encountered a new term or concept that I had not covered before. This ‘snowball effect’ allowed me to learn so much about a field that I had only dipped my toes into before. Furthermore, it allowed me to actually apply the quantitative and qualitative knowledge I had gained from Wharton, even as an outgoing first-year.

I think SPUR stands out from other opportunities for Wharton Undergraduates in that it allows you to explore your interests. While like many other undergraduates I want to delve into industry out of college, this experience has allowed me to really learn more about how some of the firms I will end up applying to actually work. This experience has rekindled my interests in possibly exploring further graduating studies in related topics down the line. And I think the technical skills you gain from this research project tie well into any future aspirations. SPUR serves as a good starting point for Wharton students hoping for further research or even developing some helpful technical experience. For this reason, I would highly recommend SPUR as a fulfilling summer commitment for undergraduate students.