Undergrad Marketing & Communications Guidelines

Communication Options and Policies

  • WUGR emails—Emails (images and text) going out to any or all of the WUGR class lists should be reviewed before they are sent to the lists. Please also note the following:
    • Messages should be original (no forwards or replies).
    • Messages should not have attachments or contain shortened urls (bitly, etc.).
    • Copyrighted images used without permission are prohibited.
    • WUGR emails should only be sent to the class year(s) to which the message most directly applies
    • The message should be pertinent to all students on the respective list (this does not mean all students need to take part, just that they are all eligible).
    • Only one email should be sent per class year per initiative, course, or event.
    • Multiple messages from the same source, especially around the same time frame, should be consolidated whenever possible to minimize the volume of WUGR emails that go out to undergraduate students.
    • Use of the wugr listservs is restricted to Wharton departments, initiatives, and sponsored student organizations.
    • Sponsored student organizations are permitted one recruiting email per year, which should be reviewed in advance by their assigned staff member and us.
    • Moderation and approval of emails submitted to the wugr lists may take a full business day.
  • Undergrad Inside and MyWharton calendars—Please forward event and deadline information – what, when, where, who (which classes are invited), and how (e.g., rsvp/registration/application).
  • PowerPoint presentations—PowerPoint presentations for any audiences outside of the Division (Family Weekend, NSO, group advising sessions, program presentations, etc.) should be reviewed. Click here for the official PowerPoint template >>
  • LCD advertisements—The Life at Wharton images appear on the JMHH and SHDH screens and MyWharton for up to two weeks and are typically created in PowerPoint or Canva. We can create or provide a template and post for you.
  • Other—from handouts and form letters to promotional items, banners, and surveys, we should be reviewing anything that is being distributed to non-G95 audiences, including students.

Communication Review Process

  1. As far in advance as possible, share the document/content with Meredith and Cat. You can point us to it on the LAN (insert a hyperlink), attach, put it in the body of the email, etc.
  2. Let us know when it’s due. When do you want to send it out or print it? The more time you give us the better.
  3. We’ll respond as quickly as possible.

If you’re uncertain about whether to send something to us, please don’t hesitate to send it along and ask. We want to help you to make your messaging memorable, clear, and concise, and to deliver it efficiently to your target audience.

Press Inquiries

If you are contacted by the media, including the DP: