STEP Pre-NSO: Mentors

“STEP truly made my transition into university, but specifically Wharton, so much smoother than I could’ve realized. Not only did I create amazing memories and was guided by mentors but also I made friendships that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.” -Ailin Mendoza, W’27

STEP Pre-NSO: Welcome

Dr. Diana Robertson, Vice Dean of the Wharton Undergraduate Division, welcomes students during STEP Pre-NSO.

STEP Pre-NSO: Workshops

Dr. Renita Miller, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Wharton, talks to students during STEP Pre-NSO.

STEP Family Dinner

“Family dinners are an amazing way to reconnect with STEP members even with our busy schedules. I look forward to them at the end of a hectic day, and I can always count on family dinners to make me laugh!” -Rashmi Admala, W’27

STEP Winter Formal

“Absolutely a blast! STEP really takes care of STEPPERS. Once-in-a-lifetime experience to party on a yacht and meet more of the STEP community!” -Annie Liu, W’26 (not pictured)

STEP Winter Formal

“The STEP Winter Formal was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. In addition to having a wonderful time with the STEP family, getting to go on a boat for a formal felt surreal. Overall, I had a great time and would not recommend missing it.” -William Xi, W’27, Nu’27

STEP Winter Formal

“It was my first time ever on a fancy boat. This night meant a lot because it was a time to see my STEP friends and have fun. College can be a really stressful time, and STEP’s always been a way for me to decompress and connect.” -Destiny Uviles, W’26

STEP Spring Career Trek: Nickelodeon

“This was amazing! I was able to connect to one of the analysts by email and he reached out to me! A great experience to go to NY too!” – Annie Liu, W’26

STEP Thanksgiving Brunch

“Thanksgiving Brunch speaks to STEP’s ability to foster and sustain relationships beyond pre-NSO. It was a lovely time of regrouping, catching up, and enjoying great food! It also fell on a pretty busy week for me, so it was a nice study break. ” -Amarachi Mbadugha, W’25, C’25 (not pictured)

STEP Pre-NSO: Discussions

“Pre-NSO discussions were pivotal in my Penn experience as I discovered that we as a community truly understand one another. It was the first time on campus I was fully able to open up, get vulnerable, and talk about ways to navigate life in college.” -Lisa Nnaji, W’25 (not pictured)

STEP Pre-NSO: Food Truck Festival

“I cherish the friendships I made from Pre-NSO with both other first-years and upper-level mentors I can count on. Pre-NSO gave me a head start exposure to life at Penn. ” -Rashmi Admala, W’27 (2nd from right)

STEP Pre-NSO: Small Talk

“The Pre-NSO experience was extraordinarily beneficial. From the seminars to the meals shared together to the friends made, the entire experience was a huge milestone in transitioning to Penn/Wharton as a whole. Without this time in STEP, I would not be where I am today.” -William Xi, W’27, Nu’27

STEP Winter Formal

“Definitely a night to remember. Even after a busy semester and taking the time to get to know people outside of STEP reconnecting with STEPPERS as if the time never passed made me remember that I am still a part of a great community.” -Ailin Mendoza, W’27