Lunch & Learn – Take Your Professor to Lunch

Students are able to invite their professor and one other Wharton undergraduate student to lunch at local restaurants compliments of the Wharton Undergraduate Division. This spring, the program will be available Tuesdays-Fridays, January 30 – April 26.

Requests will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and students should submit requests as early as possible to ensure participation. Faculty who wish to take students in their class to lunch should use the Faculty-Student Meals Program or Penn Mentor Meals Program.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to a free lunch with your professor:

  1. Confirm with your Wharton professor and other Wharton undergraduate student two (2) different dates/times when you are all available to go to lunch (see the sign-up form for available dates) as well as your preferred restaurant choices from these options: New Deck Tavern, Pattaya, or Renata’s Kitchen.
  2. Submit your request using the sign-up form at least one week before your desired lunch date. Your request is not guaranteed.
  3. If approved, all members of your group will  receive an email confirmation from the Wharton Undergraduate Division, typically within one week of request submission.
  4. Enjoy your lunch!
      • There is a $35/per person maximum including tip (alcohol may not be included in this expense).
      • Obtain an itemized receipt when you are finished (no tax should be charged).
  5.  Email a clear, high-quality image of  your itemized receipt to within one business day of the lunch.

Please review the frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, please contact Phoebe Decker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to invite the professor before I submit the request?

Yes, you must invite and confirm your professor’s availability (as well as the second Wharton Undergraduate student in your group)  before you submit the sign-up form.

Can I schedule a lunch less than one week before?

No, all requests must be submitted via the online sign-up form at least one week prior to your first requested date.

Will the Undergraduate Division contact my professor and other student attendees about scheduling?

No, the Wharton Undergraduate Division will only send a confirmation email to all 3 members of your group.  It is your responsibility to contact your professor and second Wharton Undergraduate student.

What are my responsibilities as primary contact for the reservation?

If you are the one to submit the Lunch & Learn online sign-up form, you are considered the primary contact for the reservation. It is your responsibility to:

  • Coordinate details for the lunch (e.g., when/where to meet).
  • Submit the itemized receipt to the Undergraduate Division within one business day of your lunch.

Can I take a non-Wharton professor to lunch?

No,  this program was specifically designed to give our Wharton students the opportunity to learn more about their Wharton professor in an informal, small group outside of the classroom.

Note that all members of the Penn community can initiate a meal between students and mentors (e.g., current or past professors, teaching assistants, advisors, RAs, PHINS, peer advisors, and members of Penn’s professional staff) through the Penn Mentor Meals Program. Options range from 1-on-1 experiences to large meals organized for classes and groups up to 100 students.

Can more than two students attend the lunch?

No, the maximum number of students allowed per lunch is two. This program was specifically designed to give our Wharton students the opportunity to learn more about their Wharton professor in an informal, small group outside of the classroom.

Do attendees have to be Wharton students to participate in the program?

Yes. Undergraduates in other schools should consider the Penn Mentor Meals Program.

Can we dine at another restaurant that is not listed on the sign-up form?

No, The Wharton Undergraduate Division have partnerships with only the restaurants listed.

Do I have to pay anything for the lunch?

No, attendees do not pay at the conclusion of the lunch, The Wharton Undergraduate Division pays the restaurants directly. However, please be sure you get an itemized receipt and submit it to the Undergraduate Division within one business day of your lunch.

Is the Lunch & Learn Program the same as the Faculty-Student Meals Program?

No, the Faculty-Student Meals Program is faculty initiated and is run through the Dean’s office. All undergraduate and MBA students are eligible and the lunches are arranged through Canvas and other methods.

The Lunch & Learn Program is student initiated and is run through the Wharton Undergraduate Division. Requests are submitted via the sign-up form and only undergraduate students are eligible.

What do I do if the faculty member cancels or the other student attendees cannot attend the lunch?

Please notify Phoebe Decker as soon as you are aware of the conflict or cancellation. All modifications and cancellations must be communicated, so the Division can give the restaurants appropriate notification.

Is there a specific format for discussion/conversation that we should follow during lunch?

You are free to discuss any topic you choose during lunch. The objective of this program is to give you the opportunity to learn more about your professor and your fellow classmates in an informal, small group setting outside of the classroom. Hopefully you will learn about the course topic in more depth, and/or discuss the professor’s background, career path, or research interests.

Is there a limit to the number of lunches I can attend?

Yes, students may participate in a maximum of one lunch per semester.