Wharton Mentorship Opportunities

Mentorship relationships are an integral part of the Wharton experience. Mentors can provide guidance as students transition onto campus, consider career opportunities, and enter the working world. They also are a great source for general life advice. Mentoring relationships at Wharton can provide opportunities to connect with upperclassmen, MBAs, and alumni. The Wharton Undergraduate Division sponsors the three opportunities listed below. Please note that each program assigns mentorship pairs at the beginning of the fall semester, so students should be on the lookout for more information then.

For more information, please reach out to Aman Goyal, Associate Director of Student Life, at goaman@wharton.upenn.edu.

First Year

The Wharton Cohort Mentorship Program connects incoming freshmen with upperclassmen who have similar interests so that freshmen can start their college experience off with the advice of experienced students. Throughout the school year, a variety of events are offered to encourage ongoing dialogue and strengthen connections.

Sophomore Year

The Sophomore Alumni Mentorship Program (SAMP) matches sophomores with Wharton alumni, based on interests, goals, and career trajectory. SAMP is an amazing opportunity for students to establish long-term relationships with and learn from Wharton’s outstanding alumni. This program is co-sponsored by the Wharton Alumni Relations Council (WARC).

Junior & Senior Years

Wharton GUIDE is dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships between undergraduates and MBAs through mentorship. Mentorship pairs are intended to last the duration of the upperclassman experience, with you and your mentor supporting one another into the next steps of your careers.