Message from the Vice Dean

Purpose | Agility | Community | Technology

It is a privilege to be the Vice Dean of the Undergraduate Division at Wharton, the world’s first collegiate business school. My role is to support and champion our students as they pursue their educational, professional, and personal goals. In my role, I have encapsulated my vision and aspirations for our students around Purpose, Agility, Community, and Technology (my PACT with our students). My hope is that our Wharton undergraduates are discovering their purpose, which of course includes ethics and integrity, developing agility to explore all the pathways Wharton and Penn offer, building community, and embracing technology and its contribution to our future.

Diana C. Robertson
Vice Dean and Director, Wharton Undergraduate Division
Samuel A. Blank Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics


Our students reflect on their values and purpose. They understand the importance of ethics and integrity and their individual reputations. They resolve to make thoughtful, purposeful decisions about coursework, co-curricular activities, and career opportunities. They stay focused on their priorities and maintain balance in their lives. Students appreciate the privilege of their education and its accompanying responsibility.


Our students are innovators and entrepreneurs, whatever their career choices. They recognize that business is a dynamically evolving canvas. They anticipate change, explore opportunities, and embrace new ideas and directions. They are proficient in a subject area, and also cultivate well-rounded interests and skills. They are visionaries, preparing to contribute to the economy as leaders of the next generation of sustainable private and public enterprise.


Our students build an inclusive community and an equitable and collaborative culture. Every student contributes and every student’s contribution is valued. Diversity of background and opinion are embraced. Students engage in respectful dialogue, regardless of subject. Mutual support and trust are fundamental. A sense of belonging to the community is fostered. Students are proud to be at Wharton and Penn.


Our students acquire the technical expertise required to thrive in our rapidly changing environment. They are equipped to apply data analytics in decision making and they understand how to navigate the digital economy. Students recognize both the ways in which technology can be used to address global societal issues and the new moral and ethical challenges that it raises.