Leadership, Teamwork, & Communication

For students entering Wharton prior to fall 2017

1 required course*

Management (MGMT) 100: Leadership & Communication in Groups
MGMT 100 is designed to increase students’ understanding of leadership and communication in teams and help build skills that are necessary for professional success. The course is interactive and experiential, with opportunities for learning in large and small groups, participation in field projects and simulations, engagement in written reflection, and presentation of project findings to classmates, faculty, alumni, and clients.

Almost all students complete MGMT 100 in the fall semester of their freshman year. Students who enter Wharton after freshman year take the course in the spring. Students are automatically enrolled in both a lecture section and a small-group recitation section according to their cohorts.** The recitation section to which students are assigned will determine their project teams.

Please note the following:

  • New students will be notified about date and time of their assigned lectures and recitation sections via email.
  • Because students are already enrolled in MGMT 100, it is not part of the advance registration process and other courses should be scheduled around it.
  • Students should contact their academic advisor if they need to change their MGMT 100 lectures or recitations. We will do our best to accommodate special academic needs, but assignments will not be changed because of personal preferences.

* MGMT 100 must be taken for a grade, not pass/fail.
** The spring MGMT 100 sessions are not divided by cohort.